Basic to any understanding of the benefits we can get from_______ is that__________/ First and foremost;

? ? ? On one hand_________, On the other hand_________;

  Besides/ What’s more/ In addition;

  First of all/to begin with/above all;

 In the second place/in the second instance;

  Last but not least/in summary;


  Further lending credence to my position is that____________

  /I can think of no better illustration than the example of(典型例子)

  / A case in point is that(不是很典型)________,…..some expert pionts out that…

  /take … in instance…

  /according to the investigation conducted this year indicates that…/

  some statistics expose that…

  一句话总结例子:As a result,强调句/倒装句/表利弊的句型/反面论证如果没有会怎样。


  Agree or disagree: Admittedly,_____,

to some extent, may directly or indirectly ____ /has its undeniable detriments.

  For instance, _______

  However, the valuable merits of_______? considerably overshadow the drawbacks/ on no account________./


  二选一:Admittedly, BB also has certain merits which deserve some words here. For example, ____

  However,BB 的缺点或AA也可以做到. Compared with AA, (which 可以总结所有优点或针对BB的一方面, )it pales.


  Therefore, due to the above mentioned reasons, which sometimes correlate with each other to form an organic whole and thus become more persuasive than any single one of them(字不够了用), I reinforce my stand point that…


  Only via(by/through /with/when/after) ___can we__________;

  only via(by/through /with/when/after) ___can we________;

  and only via(by/through /with/when/after)___can we_______


  It is A that…;it is A that…;and it is A that…(不好写或显得累赘就不要了)




  On account of/owing to/due to+ N

  For the reason that/as/since+句子

  It is due to____that

  eg:It is due to his persistence and perseverance that he eventually reached his acme.(强调句)

  derive/arise/stem from来源于

  eg:His success derives from his persistence and perseverance.

  scribe A to B 归结于

  eg: His success can be ascribed/attributed to his persistence and perseverance.


  A serves as a catalyst for B(our further success)

  If/on condition that/provided that/as long as________


  Despite the fact that/regardless of



  Only via(by/through /with/when/after) __ do/did/can we__

  eg: Only after going to the beach of Hawaii will I know aboutAmerican typical type of spending leisure time.

  Hardly/Seldom/Scarcely can__

  eg: Hardly can we imagine a world/our life without/devoid of

  So +adj+主谓倒装+that__

  Not only 主谓倒装 but also…

  eg: Not only should education prepare?? children to compete

  Not only do people care their economic needs,they but also want to meet their spiritual needs.

  On no account 主谓倒装(决不….)


  It is/was….that/who(m)….

  限定性副词probably/directly or indirectly/ to some(a large) extent



1、It is tourism that gives me the opportunity? to know the culture of this dynamic, robust?? and alive country.

2、It is computers that make our life diverse,convenient,dynamic/ vibrant, without which our life would probably pale.

3、A/which needs to be/In this way, A can? ?be readily accepted, respected,appreciated and advocated.

4、Only via university education can we have? systematic knowledge concerning arts and science.

  Only via university education can we know the essence of symbiosis and collaboration.

  And Only via university education can we meet the demands of society and make our future success inevitable.



I think/I believe/As far as I am concerned)

1.别人认为:assume, argue, contend,? ? maitain, hold the perspective that…

2.我认为: I am inclined to the view that…? ? (开头引入自己观点)

convinced that…

I aware that… (比较弱)

I cling to a belief that…


(Different people have different opinions)

People’s perspective diverge on this controversial issue.

There is no consensus among people concerning this controversial issue.

C、举例(for example/for instance/let me give you an example)

1.A fitting/ telling/ apt/ striking example is that…

2.A case in point is that…(口语常用)

3.Further lending credence to my position is the example of …(倒装)

4.This can be aptly/ well exemplified and illustrated by the case of+n.

the fact that + 句子

the following case

5.I can think of no better illustration than the example of…, who….(最高级)

6.When it comes to music talent, eminent individuals ranging from Mozart to Beethvoen come immediately to me.?

7.To illustrate this, we need no look further than the case of……(举例)

8.Imagine/ Visualize/ Picture/ Suppose……


I am invariably fascinated/ captivated/ enchanted with/ by…

Hardly can I resist the temptation of sth.

be obsessed with/by …


Statistic figures show/ manifest that…

Many surveys/ investigations 显示 that 越来越多的 universities have 重视 the credit system, which peobably would 带来不好的呃影像.(中文从一下中选词)

显示: manifest/ illustrate

重视: place a great

/ considerable emphasis on

attach great importance to (不用换词)

on no account can sb. ignore/ turn a blind eye to sth. (倒装)

越来越多的: a increasing number

带来不好影: exercise an unpredictable/ unforseable consequence(不好的结果都用这个) upon


It is not difficult to imagine that if……

It is modern technology that makes our life simple, healthy and dynamic/ vibrant/ fantastic/ active/ alive, without which our life would probably pale.

Hardly can I imagine the world without the fascination of…… which……


on the



by contrast





exercise an unforseable and unprediactable

/ adverse/ unfavorable

/ deleterious consequence on…

undoubtedly and undeniably sound an alarm to sb.

put a enormous pressure upon

put a potential and probable threat on…

adversely affect…



1. exercise a far-reaching influent on…

2. … undoubtedly serves as a catalyst/enzyme for…

3. play a(n)irreplaceable/crutial/indispensable role in…

4. lay a solid foudation for…


1: help

典型例句:I"ll help you 。

替代语 accommodate/assist/ avail

E.g: I"ll endeavour to accomodate you。

2: helpful

典型例句:Sth is helpful (to sb)

替代语 conducive/ time-honored 时代赋予的/ do credit to our forbears 继承先辈的优秀传统/ assisting

E.g Sth is conducive to sb

3: show

典型例句:as it shows in the picture

替代语 betray

4: think

典型例句: i think —- —-


5: ugly

典型例句: xxx is ugly

替代语 hideous

6: by the way

典型例句: by the way,…

替代语 incidentally,…

7: because

典型例句: xxx because xxx

替代语 in that/in as much as

E.g: xxx because xxx

8: consider

典型例句: We must consider xxx

替代语 allow for

E.g : We must allow for xxx

9: much

典型例句: there has been a much increase in the world population

替代语 there has been a drastic increase in the —–

10: about

典型例句:it is about 250 times of that

替代语 it is approximately —

11: buy



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