1. In his autobiography, _____creates the image of a self-made man and demonstrates his belief that the new world of America was a land of _____which might be met through hard work and wise management.[天津外国语学院2011研]

【答案】Benjamin Franklin, opportunities查看答案


2. In his novel, William Faulkner has invented a county named _____ and the seat of the county _____. [国际关系学院2009研]

【答案】Yoknapatawpha; the town of Jefferson查看答案


3. Eugene O’Neill borrowed freely from the best traditions of____ drama, be it Greek _____, or the _____ of Ibsen, or the _____ of Strindberg.(国际关系学院2010研)



4. The Compsons, the Sartorises, and the Sutpens are representative southern aristocratic families in ______’s novels, and they are all portrayed as prisoners of the past, who cannot reconcile with the fall of the south after ______. [天津外国语2013研]

【答案】William Faulkner; the Civil War查看答案


5. In ______, a novel about American Civil War, the protagonist keeps asking himself the question. “Will I run from a battle?” and at last he does run away from the battle field. [天津外国语学院2009研]

【答案】The Red Badge of Courage查看答案


6. Set in Spain during the Civil War, the novel _____ stated again Hemingway’s view of love found and lost, and described the indomitable spirit of the common people. [人大2006研]

【答案】For Whom the Bell Tolls查看答案

【解析】海明威的小说《丧钟为谁而鸣》(For Whom the Bell Tolls)以西班牙内战为背景,该小说陈述了海明威对爱与失去的观点,描写了普通人不屈不饶的精神。

7. Author_____ Title_____[南京大学2007研]

He disliked bars and bodegas. A clean, well-lighted café was a very different thing. Now, without thinking

further, he would go home to his room. He would lie in the bed and finally, with daylight, he would go to sleep. After all, he said to himself, it is probably only insomnia. Many must have it.

【答案】Author: Ernest Hemingway Title: “A Clean, Well-lighted Place”查看答案


8. In the novel entitled ______written by ______, a boy dreams of glorious battle in the Union Army in the Civil War. However, his

initial confrontation with true war perplexes him.


【答案】The Red Badge of Courage;Stephen Crane查看答案


9. Ernest Hemingway once noted that “all modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain”. The book Hemingway gave credit to is _____.[天津外国语2007研]

【答案】Adventures of Huckleberry Finn查看答案


10. “In a Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound goes like this: The apparition of these faces in the crowd; _____.[首师大2008研]

【答案】Petals on a wet, black bough.查看答案


11. ______, by Ezra Pound, employs the complex association of scholarly lore, anthropology, modern history and personages, private history and Witticism, and obscure literary interpolations in various languages. [人大2006研]

【答案】The Cantos查看答案


12. Mark Twain, pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne _____, started off as a _____ colorist. His novel _____ is the one book from which, as Hemingway noted, “all _____ American literature comes”. (国际关系学院2010研)

【答案】Clemens;local;Adventures of Huckleberry Finn;modern查看答案

【解析】马克·吐温的(Mark Twain),原名塞缪尔·朗赫恩朗赫恩·克莱门斯(Samuel Langhorne Clemens),是美国的作家,19世纪后期美国现实主义文学的杰出代表。开始时他是个乡土作家,费恩《哈克贝利·费恩历险记》被海明威称为“现代美国文学之源”。

13. First produced in 1949, Arthur Miller’s _____ struck an immediate, emotional chord with audiences. Much of its success is attributed to Miller’s facility in portraying the universal hopes and fears of middle-class America. Through his main character, _____, Miller examines the myth of the American Dream and the shallow promise of happiness through material wealth.[天津外国语大学 2011 研]

【答案】Death of a Salesman Willy查看答案


14. In his ______ Benjamin Franklin creates the image of a boy’s rise from ______ to riches and demonstrates his belief that the new world of America was a land of opportunities which might be met through hard work and wise management.[天津外国语学院2008研]

【答案】Autobiography, poor查看答案



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